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FITCO Detergent Factory

FETCO Detergent Factory is a leading manufacturer and supplier of detergents and chemical cleaning products.


It is part of the FITCO Group of Companies and Factories which is a pioneering commercial entity established in the year 1985 with various commercial activities such as manufacturing, construction, trading, contracting, consulting services, media, and education. The initiative to establish the factory began with the aim of covering the local market's needs of high-quality manufactured detergents of all kinds.


We offer a wide range of locally manufactured detergents and are home to 7 registered  product brands represented and distributed both locally and internationally.


Quality Certification

 We are certified as ISO 9001(International Organization for Standardization), and ISO 14001 certification in environmental requirements, and OHSAS 18001 certificate in security and safety. 


The Chair man and the owner of the factory is Dr. Khaled Al-Buainain

 Our Main Brands: 
Bubbly - Bright Wight - Class


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