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Girls of Barzan youth center‎‏ recognized the support of the Qatari products

Barzan youth center, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports, organized a series of summer activities and events that varied in its content and came to the realization of the ministry's vision (towards a conscious society with an authentic conscience and a healthy body).

These activities meant to be in line with the strategic objectives of the Center to develop the spirit of self-innovation and creativity among its members, through visiting many historical, archaeological monuments, and factories located in the state.  The girls introduced to these landmarks, and were shown the country’s support for Qatari products, which contribute to the growth of the Qatari economy.


Among the tours conducted by members of the Barzan youth Center is the visit to «Fitco detergent Factory» which is located in the industrial area.

The purpose of this visit was to teach the participants the production process  of  the chemical detergents, such as how the detergents are manufactured, the materials used in the production, how to add colors to detergents, as well as the importance of detergents and their health effects.

Among what the participants witnessed during the visit, the machinery used in the detergent industry, as well as the identification of the packaging process and the methods of distribution.

Summer activities at the Barzan youth Center continues throughout the month, ranging from workshops, courses and trips abroad to state landmarks.

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