FITCO Detergent Factory organized a desert camp in Al Kharrara desert on 12th February 2019 (on National Sports Day) to provide its staff members an enriching experience. Camp was being planned and coordinated by Mr. Khalid Albuainain, the Chairman of FITCO Detergent Factory. Around 50 staff members and their family were a part of this camp.

Camp gave everyone a refreshing, enlightening, adventurous, nostalgic and tremendous experience. However it was not just a camp, but the FITCO team had a wonderful time travelling as well; as staffs sang, danced and played football while travelling and camping. The trip was just amazing with 360 degree views overlooking the desert landscape and surrounding mountains. The evening was enchanted with sheer happiness and blessed with a most brilliant and clear star filled sky extending over the sand.


The camp was a delightful experience for all. It was an opportunity to develop a strong bonding between each other and a best example of how to utilize a sports day in a most "sporty way"!!

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